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Sandals Rider RS 2 III blue flat roman sandals for child

This combination of the RS 2 III blue flat roman sandals for child Sandals is not available right now, but we have many other ranges of these Rider Sandals and other ones available.

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  • Cartago
    SIENA brown flat shovel sandals for child

    The Siena model is here for the little ones! Carthage has been inspired by sporty and casual style to create this versatile model. The non-stick and waterproof insole adjusts to the natural curves of the foot thanks to the Flexpand sole. The perfect choice for the more adventurous.

    15,00 € 29,99 €
    Shipments to Europe
  • Rider
    FREE PAPETE navy blue flat roman sandals...

    The Rider Free Style model is the papete that fits perfectly in all wardrobes, even the most conservative ones. With its elegant colors, it brings style and attitude to the look at any time of the day. It brings freedom and style in any situation.

    27,99 €
    Shipments to Europe

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